Visit 7 Best Restaurants in North Cyprus, The Top Restaurants

Northern Cyprus traditional cuisine means definitely an inseparable adventure as tasty Cypriot food represents a part of the unique culture.

Turkish-Cypriot cuisine has been influenced by different cultures throughout history. Influences come from the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Cyprus itself. Each dish has a specific taste and is well presented reflecting the Cypriot character. A few Cypriot dishes: Molohiya; yalanci dolma; shish Kebab; mousakka. Local dishes are delicious, particularly the meze. This is a specialty of Cyprus and consists of a large number of cold and hot dishes such as different salads, meats, vegetable, and fish. Most served meze dishes are grilled haloumi cheese, bulgur köfte and sigara borek.

North Cyprus has an affect on their traditional food and you will find some great places to eat located in Kyrenia and its surrounding areas. If you are not staying in city then having a rental car will definitely be an advantage to enjoy some excellent cuisine during your holiday. You can get delivery and take away restaurants in North Cyprus but these are located in the bigger towns such as Kyrenia, Nicosia, or Famagusta.

7 Best Restaurants in North Cyprus

Here’s seven reasons why we think you should make the trip:

1. Missina Fish Restaurant – Kyrenia

Missina Fish Restaurant is located in Karaoğlanoğlu, Kyrenia, and is well known for its fantastic fresh seafood where you dine to the views of the Mediterranean. The restaurant is for anyone who wants to experience the taste of Cypriot fish cuisine with local mezes and tasty side dishes on the menu! It is also perfect for romantic evenings and special occasions.

Bringing kids to Missina is not an issue. There is an indoor playground for them little ones to have fun and play without disturbing the dinner guests.

Welcome to Missina, a restaurant that you do not visit once, you will for sure come back again.

Telephone: +90 392 822 38 44

Monday: 12:00 – 01:00
Tuesday: 12:00 – 01:00
Wednesday: 12:00 – 01:00
Thursday: 12:00 – 01:00
Friday: 12:00 – 01:00
Saturday: 12:00 – 01:00
Sunday: 12:00 – 01:00

2. Niazi’s Restaurant – Kyrenia

Niazi’s is primarily known for inventing the signature menu Full Kebab. The concept that’s inspired by both Cypriot and Turkish cuisine is a mix of charcoal grilled seftali, köfte, shish kebab, chicken köfte and lamb chops served with hot and cold mezes. Through the years, Full Kebab has become its own creation and the increased popularity has lead it to spread all over Cyprus.

But to enjoy the original you must visit one of Niazi’s restaurants! Here all the meat is grilled in front of the guests on an open charcoal grill that stands in the middle of the room. The meat is locally produced by “free range farming” in Cyprus, and the flavours are the result of decades of experience and tradition. A wide selection of international and Turkish wines is served with the food, and desserts can be chosen from the open buffet with lots of homemade sweet pastries.

Niazi’s Restaurant is getting widely popular, also with the European guests. The customer is always the focus and the service is attentive and thorough. In addition, the venue is incredibly cosy and homely, while it is large and open, so that you as a guest can enjoy a peaceful Cypriot dining experience.

Telephone: +90 392 815 21 60

3. Ambiance Restaurant and Beach Club – Kyrenia

The Ambiance restaurant in Karaoğlanoğlu is well known for its position in a beautiful bay, where you dine large decks above the sea. The menu offers a large choice of international dishes, great steaks as well as the very popular mixed kebabs and meze for those who want to try the local the cuisine.

Between 10am to 7pm, Ambiance is the place to relax by the sea! Choose your sun lounge on the decking, swim in the cool Mediterranean sea and enjoy a drink or a meal. With an extensive lunch menu to choose from there’s something for everyone. The Ambiance offers an unforgettable experience.

The Ambiance is a romantic venue, ideal for an intimate evening out but also caters for large groups and weddings.

Monday: 10:00 – Until Late
Tuesday: 10:00 – Until Late
Wednesday: 10:00 – Until Late
Thursday: 10:00 – Until Late
Friday: 10:00 – Until Late
Saturday: 10:00 – Until Late
Sunday: 10:00 – Until Late

Telephone: +90 392 822 28 49

4. Satir Döner – Famagusta

Take a trip down to Famagusta’s Main boulevard and try a real Döner kebab at Satir Döner.

Quality is not by chance – Satir Döner is known for it’s specialized recipe where the spices come from generations of regional kitchen in Adana, Turkey. See and taste their masterful skills in preparation and taste.

Döner comes with choice of meat or chicken, served with lavash hot bread, fried potato chips and salad and vitally hot green pepper vinaigrette. The menu offers many dishes. Staff serve with speed and a smile at the casual and comfortable atmosphere Satir Döner. Take away and delivery is possible.

Monday: 11:00 – 02:00
Tuesday: 11:00 – 02:00
Wednesday: 11:00 – 02:00
Thursday: 11:00 – 02:00
Friday: 11:00 – 02:00
Saturday: 11:00 – 02:00
Sunday: 11:00 – 02:00

Telephone: +90 392 444 00 07

5. El Sabor Latino Restaurant – Nicosia

Few restaurants can compete with their passion for producing masterful cuisine, customer service satisfaction, five-star expertise and skills. Their top chefs, frontline hospitality and maitre’d wisely covers all the bases, creating a place where you and your friends can spend time.

Within a graceful demeanor and an era of excitement, romance, indulgence and basque cuisine, it’s the 30’s mood at El Sabor Latino Restaurant. You will be welcomed to experience their passion for excellence, artistry of food served by proficient attentive staff that will meet and greet, whether you’re visit is for a long leisurely stay or a faster dining experience.

This caliber of world class culinary culture, a definite interpretation of latino cuisine, offers world influences from the kitchen. This eclectic mix of arty dishes flavorsome to the pallet comes with the confidence of over 15 years of the food industry with great know-how and experience. The labour-of love is the epicenter of trends where dishes will tantalize and enhance your dining pleasure.

El Sabor Latino will assist and advise their dining guests throughout their choice of their fine wines on offer. The fashionable and rustic restaurant is enviably located within Cyprus’ historical and bustling old walled quarters of the city centre of Nicosia. The restaurant admirably sits proudly on the square facing the historical Selimiye Mosque. Here, English, Spanish and Turkish is spoken fluently.

Monday: 11:00 – 23:00
Tuesday: 11:00 – 23:00
Wednesday: 11:00 – 23:00
Thursday: 11:00 – 23:00
Friday: 11:00 – 23:00
Saturday: 11:00 – 23:00
Sunday: 11:00 – 23:00

Telephone: +90 392 228 83 22

6. Hamur Restaurant & Bar – Nicosia

Hamur Restauant & Bar is a tale of family traditions and culture where artful pastry cuisine recipes has been passed on from generations. Great coffee, homemade lemonade and really yummy handmade pastries and delicacies welcomes you at the culinary excellence of Hamur.

The authentic Cypriot pastry cafe and restaurant, located in a quaint period stone house just a short stroll from Ledra Palace border crossing in Nicosia, offers a warm welcoming atmosphere where customers will feel the cosy friendly relaxed village vibe accompanied with dedication and consistency to an attentive service minded approach.

The family run businesses is founded and operated by Fatos Gursan that brings the traditional Turkish Cypriot kitchen to light in a warm dining room experience. The menu consists of a range of handmade savory and sweet pastries and daily fresh baked delicacies. There are both indoor and outdoor seating areas and a large parking area available.

The art of traditional handmade Cypriot food awaits you on the delectable Hamur Restaurant & Bar.

Monday: 09:00 – 20:00
Tuesday: 09:00 – 22:00
Wednesday: 09:00 – 20:00
Thursday: 09:00 – 22:00
Friday: 09:00 – 22:00
Saturday: 09:00 – 22:00
Sunday: Closed

Telephone: +90 392 228 00 52

7. Kömür Steak & Ocakbaşı – Kyrenia

Kömür Steak & Ocakbaşı is the latest resident of a yellow stone building in the British Colonial style dating back to the 1860s. This historic building has not only hosted many consulates in the past, but has also been home to many businesses. Kömür makes the historical texture of the building stand out, and guests are enchanted by its ambiance and delicious meat and kebab dishes. It is a unique venue where you can have an enjoyable time together with an excellent sea view and an outstanding selection of wine and raki.

Kömür Steak & Ocakbaşı has a sister restaurant called Khephal Fish Restaurant.

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 18:00 – Until Late
Wednesday: 18:00 – Until Late
Thursday: 18:00 – Until Late
Friday: 18:00 – Until Late
Saturday: 18:00 – Until Late
Sunday: 18:00 – Until Late

+90 548 830 32 22

North Cyprus has large number of cafes and bars. Here you can get beers, imported alcohol, raki and brandy. If you are having holiday in North Cyprus don’t forget to try the raki which is the anise flavoured Turkish alcohol.


When you eat out in a restaurant is it expected that you will leave a tip. A service charge is not always shown on your bill but it is customary to leave a 10% tip.