Canakkale is gifted with innumerable tourist attractions both in and around the city. Canakkale is beautiful in all seasons. It boasts of lush greenery, wide beaches, nostalgic ruins as well as mouthwatering Turkish cuisine. Talking about the historical attractions of the region, Troy and Assos come first. Canakkale is a town and seaport in Turkey, in Canakkale Province, on the southern coast of the Dardanelles at their narrowest point. Canakkale Province, like Istanbul Province has territory in both Europe and Asia……

1-GALLIPOLI: Gallipoli which has witnessed many offensives during the Battle of Gallipoli and been the site of a great historical struggle is a must-see site for history enthusiasts who want to remember and get a feel of those days on site.

2-BEHRAMKALE: Also known as Behramkale and the site of the Temple of Athena built in 600 BC.; Assos rises above the Biga Peninsula and the Gulf of Edremit. Frequently visited by tourists, the site fascinates its visitors with its stunning views particularly during sunrise.

3– BOZCAADA&GOKCEADA: Bozcaada and Gokceada are the other beautiful sites of Canakkale province. The unique harbours and bays located in Bozcaada offer an amazing view and the opportunity to dive. Gokceada is one of the largest islands of Turkey surrounded by a series of bays.The hills are covered with pine and olive trees, and here are monasteries and sacred wells.

4– TROY: Located in the Hisar district of Canakkale province the ancient city of Troy is an important witness to history. Troy is home to the myth of the “Trojan Horse” and was visited by St.Paul several times before he started his third missionary journey at this point.