Çeşme is a charming convergence of healing mineral springs, excellent beaches, crystal clear waters and sun are perfect for vacationers. It is located 94 km in west of İzmir, on the very tip of the peninsula that bears its name. It was called as “the little harbour” by sailors, but in the course of time, the area became known as Çeşme (Fountain) due to the increasing number of fountains with ice – cold waters. The Erythrai Ancient City excavated in (the village of) Çeşme-Ildırı, the Castle, Caravanserai and many fountains from Ottoman Period and the other examples of civil architecture in the historical texture of the city compose the historical and archaeological remains of the area.  Today, the remains of the Acropolis can be seen on the top of the hill which is in the city centre. Small statuettes offered to the Temple of Athena Pallas were found during the excavations in the Acropolis. One of the most important finds is the statue of a woman belonging to Archaic Age. It is on display in the İzmir Museum of Archaeology.

1-)CESME CASTLE: The Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II built the castle in 1508. It bears all the characteristics of Ottoman architecture. There is a museum in the Castle. The finds unearthed in the village of Çeşme-Ildırı, are on display in this museum. This historical structure is used for the International Çeşme Music Festival which is held between July 2-7 every year. In front of the castle is the statue of Kaptan-ı Derya Gazi Hasan Pasha from Algeria with a lion.

2-)CESME MUSEUM: A total of 477 items are displayed in the Archeological Museum of Çeşme Castle. They were discovered in the district center of Alaçatı and the Kalemburnu region and consist of 320 archeological pieces, 126 ethnographic pieces and 31 coins.

3-) CARAVANSERAI: The caravanserai, built in 1529 by Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, consists of two storeys. The rectangular structure has a central courtyard with shops, storage depots and other rooms around the perimeter. This historical building is now being used as a hotel and provides excellent shopping for those interested in gift items, leather clothing or high-quality Turkish rugs. At night the restaurants, bars and discos surrounding the inn make for a lively atmosphere.

4-)THERMAL SPRINGS: Çesme Hot Springs: It is one of the most interesting and rare places in the world, the springs are right on the coast near the Çesme Hot Springs beach on the İzmir – Çeşme road 5 km from Çeşme. The water temperature is around 58ºC and contains sodium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium chloride. The waters are good for those suffering from chronic rheumatism, problems arising from poor metabolism, such as gout and obesity, as well as rickets, skin conditions, gynecological disorders, and liver and urinary tract conditions. There are modern facilities in the vicinity of the Hot Springs, which even have thermal pools and baths inside them. Transportation to the springs is provided by the Çeşme buses which leave from Üçkuyular.