Fethiye is a popular resort appealing to scuba divers and snorkelers; the nearest beach, Calis, is easily reached by a dolmus bus or boat. 12 km to the South of Fethiye is the magnificent Oludeniz lagoon and is picture-postcard pretty. With stunning aquamarine waters against a backdrop of dramatic pine-clad hills, paragliding over the lagoon is a popular pursuit and scuba diving and non motorised watersports are prevalent.

1-OLUDENIZ BEACHES: Turkey is incomplete without a day on the beach at Oludeniz;one of the most photographed beaches in the world.The dolmuş from Fethiye will take you down to the private beaches of the lagoon
2-KAYAKOY: Kayakoy has many ruins left from the population exchange between Turkey and Greece in 1923. Beautiful countryside, Turkish village life and a sad reminder of the past.
3-FETHIYE BOAT TRIPS: There`s not just the 12 Island Boat trip that you might have heard about. They are certainly amazing value for money. 8 hours and about 5 swim stops and you can have your lunch in; or you can book your own private boat ….
4-FETHIYE OLD TOWN: The old town of Fethiye ,visit the many gift shops for all your souvenirs.