Gaziantep is one of the most developed cities of Turkey and is also on of the oldest, its history reaching as far back as the fourth Millennium. With its extensive olive groves and vineyards, Gaziantep is one of the important agricultural and industrial centers of Turkey. You can see many fascinating historical inns, traditional houses, mosques, bazaars whilst of you are touring Gaziantep Citadel……

1-GAZIANTEP ARCHAEOLOGY MUSEUM: The museum hosts ceramic pieces from Neolithic Age, various objects, figures, seals from Catholic and Bronze Age, stone and bronze objects, jewellery, ceramics, coins, glass objects from Urartu, Hittite, Persian, Roman and Byzantium periods.

2-TRADITIONAL HOUSES: Gaziantep houses are made of soft calcareous stones and have thick walls. Generally, they have one or two levels, but larger structures exist. The traditional Gaziantep houses displaying these features are situated mainly in the city center.  

3-GAZIANTEP CITADEL: Gaziantep Citadel, located in the centre of the city displays the historic past and architectural style of the city. Although the history of castle is a mystery, as a result of the excavations conducted there, bronze age settlement layers are thought to exist under the section existing on the surface of the soil

4-COVERED BAZAAR: This covered bazaar was built in 1781 by Hüseyin Pasha of Darende. We know from records that there was formerly an epigraph on the south gate written by Kusuri, however, this inscription is not in place today.

5– ZEUGMA CITY: Zeugma ancient city is located on the shore of the river Euphrates within the boundaries of Belkıs Village. Zeugma ancient city which was established on a land of about 20 million kilometres, due to the fact that it is at the shallowest passable part of Euphrates and since it is very strategic region in terms of military and commerce, it protects its importance in each period of history.