Travel Tips

Booking Tips
•Plan in advance
•Consider travelling off peak and mid week
•Check whether there are any events happening in your destination around the time you’re hoping to travel, as this can often affect your holiday prices
•Try and stick to destinations that have lower costs of living and better exchange rates
•When booking in advance, you can set yourself flexible payment installments. Always ask a member of our team
•The better the deal, the quicker you need to book!

Holiday check list
•Check all passports are valid
•Check your journey and personal details are correct on any given documents
•Check if any visa applications are needed
•Always cover your holiday with travel insurance
•Check if the destination you’re travelling to requires any vaccinations
•Always carry photo ID
•Travel money
•Any medicine you need (plus your prescription) – Not forgetting the 100ml rule
•Recharging equipment for electrical equipment, i.e. mobile, camera
•Electrical appliances – Always have an adapter or converter handy
•Check luggage weight, to prevent paying any extra fees